I’m Not Demanding. I’m On Demanding.

This morning I was woken up by someone from Helsinki.

No. It wasn’t a prank call. And no, I am not running a boarding house for Finnish backpackers!

I just don’t use an alarm clock any more. I’ve joined the Wakie community.

Go on … check it out! You could be waking somebody up in Portugal or having a conversation tomorrow morning with a complete stranger from Madrid!

I honestly never thought I’d become one of ‘them’, but since moving to San Francisco I’ve become obsessed with apps and I’ve definitely immersed myself in the ‘on demand’ world.

It doesn’t mean I’m lazy. Far from it.

I like to think of it more as using my time far more effectively!

If I finish work late, why should I stress about cooking when in just a few taps Munchery, GrubHub, Caviar or Sprig can deliver dinner to my door? If I have an urge to cook (next to never) and find nothing in the fridge, I don’t have to battle the aisles at the supermarket with all the other crazy trolley drivers when a shopper from Instacart can do it for me.

There’s never enough time during the week, and weekends have become too precious to waste time schlepping to the dry-cleaner. Hello Washio!

Whilst I don’t have my own car over here in San Francisco, I sometimes feel like I have my own driver whenever I need one since a Lyft or Uber is never more than 1 minute away.

Of course if I did have a car in this city (where parking is next to impossible), a valet from Luxe or an agent from Zirx could miraculously appear and park it for me!

Dinner; laundry; dog walkers; cleaners; doctors; grocery shoppers; transport; postage; flowers; even recruiters on demand! (Come on … did you really think I was going to let the perfect self-promotional opportunity pass me by? It’s my blog after all!)

It’s easy to understand why somebody could potentially become pretty lazy and manage their entire life lying on their couch. But like I said it’s about managing your time effectively.

If the laziness factor doesn’t worry you, or if you can’t even be bothered tapping an app on your own iPhone, you can always call Alfred and take the notion of ‘on demand’ to a whole new level!

(Having always been more of a fan of Superman rather than Batman, I actually needed someone to explain the significance of ‘Alfred’ here!)

There’s no denying that the On Demand Economy is an industry in itself. And every industry has a conference where thought leaders are able to share their stories, advice, and knowledge with other fellow industry aficionados.

Given that I’m personally entrenched in the OnDemand World, both personally (as a ‘player’) but more importantly professionally with RecruitLoop, I recently went along to the OnDemand Conference in San Francisco.

It was a series of awesome panel discussions with representatives (founders, engineers, and marketeers) from many of the on demand companies I’ve mentioned above.

A special shout out to Pascal Levy Garboua from Checkr for putting on such a great event. And thank you to all the panelists for so openly sharing their stories. I know I learned a lot.

So if you think it’s too cold to walk the dog, if it’s too late to go to the dry cleaner, or if you’re too tired to cook, don’t get up. Join the on demand economy!