Are You “Ready To Leave But Happy To Stay”?

Employees need to be aware of the symptoms of ‘Comfort Zone Syndrome’ and should take action before it impacts their ability to impress during an interview. When it’s time to leave a job it’s time to leave a job. And sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Has Thursday Become The New Monday When Starting A New Job?

If you can start a new job on a Thursday, people are far more relaxed and they will welcome you far more enthusiastically than they would a Monday starter. Then you can have a weekend and start afresh the following week.

What I Wish I’d Known This Time Last Year

Whether it’s to do with your career, your business, or life outside the office … what’s the one thing you wish you’d known at the beginning of 2014?

“Expatriate Games”

It certainly isn’t easy coming back after a stint working overseas. Just like when people come back from a holiday abroad, expats coming home need to be able to share their stories and experiences too.

Witches, Wizards And Warlocks In The Workplace

Despite having never actually worked at Hogwarts, believe me I’ve still worked alongside my fair share of sorcerers and sorceresses. Sometimes I just didn’t realise it … until they’d cast their spells!