How to Smash a Job Interview out of the Park!

When it comes to job interviews today, it’s no longer about who you know, or even what you know. It’s about what you did .

Has Thursday Become The New Monday When Starting A New Job?

If you can start a new job on a Thursday, people are far more relaxed and they will welcome you far more enthusiastically than they would a Monday starter. Then you can have a weekend and start afresh the following week.

Often The Simplest Interview Questions Can Be The Hardest

I have personally interviewed thousands of candidates over the years. Often they would nail the “Tell me about a situation where …” type of questions. But when I would ask them “What specifically attracted you to apply for this particular role?” they would crash and burn. Why? Read on …

It’s Not About How Old You Are. It’s About How Old You Feel …

One of the great things about most workplaces today is the interaction between the generations. The thoughts and ideas shared by people looking at things from different perspectives. But are some people scared to hire people older than them?

Dear Hiring Managers …

On behalf of my fellow recruiters (past, present and future), after some recent client interactions, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts. I just hope that in reading this letter hiring managers will realise that we really can make their lives easier … as long as they’re willing to partner with us, and not lure us in and then forget about us.