A Weevil Plague, A Gastro Outbreak, And A Temperamental Debt Collector

There are some situations that a business owner or manager just can’t prepare for. Even the most neurotic, obsessive-compulsive managers with back up business continuity plans in place can’t possibly anticipate everything.

To All My Former Managers Who Made a Positive Impact on My Career

I have been thinking a lot about the managers I’ve had along the way and the impression they left on me, and the impact each of them had in making me the person I am professionally today. So here are some of my fondest memories of my former bosses, which upon reflection, were also some of the pivotal moments of my career.

8 of My Most Memorable “Aha” Management Moments

Rest assured this isn’t just another blog post containing advice for managers. No … I just wanted to share some of my ‘light bulb’ moments as a manager. Those moments when ‘the penny dropped’ so to speak. When I suddenly realised what I had really got myself into.