One Night in Manila

A delayed flight + a cab ride straight out of a James Bond movie = a missed international flight and an unexpected night in Manila.

I’m Not Demanding. I’m On Demanding.

If you think it’s too cold to walk the dog, if it’s too late to go to the dry cleaner, or if you’re too tired to cook, don’t get up off the couch. Join the on demand economy! After all it’s about managing your time effectively.

What I Wish I’d Known This Time Last Year

Whether it’s to do with your career, your business, or life outside the office … what’s the one thing you wish you’d known at the beginning of 2014?

A Weevil Plague, A Gastro Outbreak, And A Temperamental Debt Collector

There are some situations that a business owner or manager just can’t prepare for. Even the most neurotic, obsessive-compulsive managers with back up business continuity plans in place can’t possibly anticipate everything.

Witches, Wizards And Warlocks In The Workplace

Despite having never actually worked at Hogwarts, believe me I’ve still worked alongside my fair share of sorcerers and sorceresses. Sometimes I just didn’t realise it … until they’d cast their spells!