Shutdown or Meltdown? That Was the Question

I’m not invincible. Nobody is. We all need to re-charge at some point. Whether we’re listening to a voice inside our head or whether we choose to listen to our body, we just need to stop, listen and re-charge.

I’m Not Demanding. I’m On Demanding.

If you think it’s too cold to walk the dog, if it’s too late to go to the dry cleaner, or if you’re too tired to cook, don’t get up off the couch. Join the on demand economy! After all it’s about managing your time effectively.

“Low Wages. Bitter Cold. Long Hours of Complete Darkness”. Sounds Like a Great Job!

If you could meet up with any famous person from history, who would it be? What is it about that person that inspires you? What would you ask them? What characteristics of theirs would you like to adopt for yourself?