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career advice, job hunting, resumé preparation, interview preparation, getting a job

21 Things to do to Get a New Job Now!

21 things to do to get a new job NOW! is not only a book about choosing your direction. It won’t only help you prepare your CV. And it’s certainly not just a list of competency based interview questions. It’s a set of steps that will ultimately help you land a new job.


Living in Hong Kong, Living in Asia, Expatriate, Short stories

Hand Gels & Steam Buns – Confessions of an Expatriate Germaphobe in Asia

Hand Gels and Steam Buns is a compilation of short stories capturing some of the most bizarre situations in which I found myself during the 3 years I lived in Hong Kong – Me … an obsessive compulsive, severely dietary-restricted germaphobe who doesn’t deal with humidity at the best of times!


Recruitment tips for employers, candidate selection, candidate attraction, staff retention

Attract. Select. Retain. Recruitment Secrets Exposed! (published via RecruitLoop)

After reading this book you’ll learn:

• 10 essential tips for any business undergoing a growth phase;
• How to work through the attraction, selection and retention processes methodically; and
• How to ensure you have a team of high quality, satisfied staff