Shutdown or Meltdown? That Was the Question

I’m not invincible. Nobody is. We all need to re-charge at some point. Whether we’re listening to a voice inside our head or whether we choose to listen to our body, we just need to stop, listen and re-charge.

Resigning Without Another Job. Irrational Or Invigorating?

If you start referring to your workplace as poisonous or toxic, or if you liken it to a vampire sucking the life out of you, then quite simply it’s a signal that it’s time to move on.

Are You “Ready To Leave But Happy To Stay”?

Employees need to be aware of the symptoms of ‘Comfort Zone Syndrome’ and should take action before it impacts their ability to impress during an interview. When it’s time to leave a job it’s time to leave a job. And sometimes it’s unavoidable.

“I’m Just Not The Corporate Guy …”

The pressure of applying for your first job, or embarking on the first steps in your career is bad enough. Why should you have to put up with the added pressure coming from so many external forces?

What’s In A Name?

How do you recall a person’s name? Would you remember the name of someone you met 2 years ago? Never underestimate the power of using someone’s name. But even more importantly the power of being able to remember it later on down the track.