Monthly Archives: November 2014

A Weevil Plague, A Gastro Outbreak, And A Temperamental Debt Collector

There are some situations that a business owner or manager just can’t prepare for. Even the most neurotic, obsessive-compulsive managers with back up business continuity plans in place can’t possibly anticipate everything.

Witches, Wizards And Warlocks In The Workplace

Despite having never actually worked at Hogwarts, believe me I’ve still worked alongside my fair share of sorcerers and sorceresses. Sometimes I just didn’t realise it … until they’d cast their spells!

The Power Of A University Alumni

When it comes to either looking for a new job or making a career transition, often your University Alumni is a great place to start. You never know who might be able to help you.

Feeling MOtivated For MOvember!

For the first time (along with some of my fellow RecruitLoop ‘Bros’!) I have decided to embrace Movember to raise awareness for Men’s Health.