Monthly Archives: October 2014

How Would You Describe What You Do To A 6 Year Old?

It’s important to have a carefully crafted elevator pitch – a punchy statement aimed squarely at your target audience where you convey what you do, why you do it … and from a job hunting perspective why someone should hire you.

The Importance Of Building Your Personal Brand

Today, at a time when jobs are scarce, successful employees working at large companies desperately need to create a ‘brand within brand’, a professional passport that travels with them from place to place. But there is also a right and wrong way to do it.

Casual Fridays, Clock Watchers, Smoke Breaks & Other Culture Defining Moments

Here are few memorable questions and comments from candidates that I still remember to this day which very quickly helped me sort the yesses from the nos when it came to assessing cultural suitability.