Monthly Archives: September 2014

It’s Not About How Old You Are. It’s About How Old You Feel …

One of the great things about most workplaces today is the interaction between the generations. The thoughts and ideas shared by people looking at things from different perspectives. But are some people scared to hire people older than them?

Why The Customer Isn’t Always Right …

I’ve always prided myself on my customer service ethic, and I’ve always built teams committed to delivering an awesome level of service. But one thing I have also learned is that no matter what the adages say, the customer isn’t always right.

Suicidal Fish, Kitchen Puddles, Mince Pies & Other Office Memories

Ask anyone who has ever worked with me and (I hope) they’ll say I’m the ultimate professional. But I really hope they’d also say that they had plenty of laughs along the way … either with me or at me … fun nonetheless.