Monthly Archives: January 2014

Trying To Find Your Sole Purpose … As Well As Your Soul Purpose

Climbing off the corporate ladder (or jumping off the corporate treadmill as many people refer to it as these days) isn’t always as easy as people initially think. It’s all about finding clarity and your new direction.

What Did Your Grade 4 School Report Say About You?

Our attributes and core competencies (such as ambition, responsibility, drive and leadership) really don’t change much from quite a young age. It’s just that the environment around us changes.

What I Wish I’d Known at the Beginning of 2013

Thinking back to this time 12 months ago, so much happened. If you’d had a crystal ball back then, what do you wish you’d known at the beginning of 2013?

Social (Media) Etiquette 101 – When in Doubt … Pick up the Phone!

If you’ve organised an event, and people have told you they’re coming along, then if you decide to change the date, time or venue, don’t just send a Facebook blast. You might find it hard to believe, but not everyone is glued to FB 24 x 7.

Literary Metaphors for the Job Hunting Process

Sometimes you can analyse the job searching process a little too much. Describing your search for work to a recruiter as “treading the primrose path to [Shakespeare’s] everlasting bonfire” may not bring you the result you’re hoping for!