Monthly Archives: November 2013

How Are You Traveling Right Now?

It’s not always smooth sailing for everyone in the corporate world when it comes to progressing to the next level. But have you ever felt like it’s got to the point where you’re trying to walk up the ‘down’ escalator?

My 10 Most Memorable Candidate Interview Moments

There are certain questions a recruiter should never ask a candidate. But what about a guide designed for candidates on what not to say during a job interview? Here are my ‘Top 10′ classic candidate interview moments … those that have remained memorable for all the wrong reasons!

How Soon is Too Soon to Quit Your Job?

Only you know the reasons for making such a major decision as resigning from your job. But as long as you have thought it through carefully, then whatever choice you make is the right one.

Fight or Flight? That is the Question

What would you do if you were told that you were no longer running a project, that you had a new manager starting that same morning, and that you had 24 hours to let the business know if you were happy to “accept” this new arrangement?

Banish Bullying In The Workplace

Unfortunately bullying is rampant in far too many workplaces. It’s sad when an employee is made redundant and she feels that the act of being let go was nowhere near as traumatic as the personal abuse she received from her boss. Have a read of Abigail’s story.