Monthly Archives: October 2013

You Only Have Once Chance to Make a Lasting First Impression

Even in an era of smart of business casual, and ‘dress down Fridays’, you need to remember that if you are going for a job interview, you must dress accordingly. Even if it’s jeans day at work, it’s never jeans day at an interview.

Are You a Job Seeker With a Brand Complex?

Are you hell-bent on only submitting job applications to the big corporates? Do you think you might have a brand complex? There is so much more to your career than the address of your office, or the the fact that you might be given a gym back telling the world where you work.

The 10 Biggest Stuff-ups I Made as a Recruiter

Anyone that’s been in the recruitment game as long as I have will have had their fair share of disaster moments. After all nobody’s perfect. I’ve decided to share my Top 10 epic recruitment blunders … the ones that left me embarrassed, lost for words, or rocking in a corner.

Striking the Perfect ‘Work-Work Balance’

You need to look after Number One when it comes to your career. You are Number One. You may have found a perfect work-life balance. But have you been able to master the perfect work-work balance?